Project Memoir

Project Memoir

Make It Work.

Eight weeks. Eight writers. Structured time, creative assignments & specific deadlines to shape, finish or polish your memoir. Craft lessons at your own pace; live-editing & personal guidance to apply the work; hosted coworking to get it done.

Personal feedback. Group support.
Finish faster.

Lost in manuscript revisions?

You know it needs more—better—different—but what?
Weekly Craft Lessons give tools & techniques to apply NOW.

Change your writing life.

Write faster, at a higher level of craft.
Live-editing instantly transforms your work & inspires your revisions.
Assignments tailored to your book give the creative direction you need.
Weekly feedback, hard deadlines & dedicated work time keep you moving to the finish line. A supportive cohort cheers you on.
Project Memoir is an MFA year in eight weeks.


Or four payments of $950

Applications due December 10
Applicants will be notified December 15

Wrestling with too many ideas?

Structural problems? Sagging scenes?
Personal editorial guidance shapes your book into something you can FINISH.

Is Project Memoir Right For Me?

Discover what makes your book WORK.

Literary or commercial, traditional publishing or independent—write better with a DESTINATION in mind.

Your Plan

Allison K Williams

Writer - Editor - Speaker -Coach

I'm excited about Project Memoir.

Why? Because I love editing...and I always over-deliver (#FirehoseMe). This time I'm telling you when you sign up: Project Memoir delivers everything I can give an author ready to work intensely to make big progress in compressed time.

I've been watching Project Runway reruns, and every week, fashion designers who don't quiiiiiiite have enough time or materials "make it work"—with the help of a skilled mentor's personal, tough-love feedback.

Nothing makes us creative like a deadline. Specific, time-limited creative assignments have tremendous power to ignite our creative selves. YOU can use that power to finish your book. And I'm going to help you every word of the way.

You don’t need to struggle alone.

Writing without deadlines & support is TOUGH!
Live-editing & co-writing time keep you focused & moving forward.

Your Answers

Although you’ll probably also generate new pages, Project Memoir is focused primarily on revision. At least 60 pages should be drafted before we begin. This can be an early draft or polished work that still isn’t “there” yet. Got more pages? Even better! 

You’ll submit:

  • 20 pages every other week for private feedback
  • 10 pages every other week for live-editing
  • additional pages from Craft Lessons exercises for big-picture feedback

And apply the Craft Lessons to as much of your manuscript as you can.

Each week includes 8-12 hours of progress:

  • Four 15-minute video Craft Lessons to watch at your own pace.
  • Each Craft Lesson includes a short exercise or focused manuscript work—allow 30-60 minutes per lesson.
  • Two-hour class with Q&A, coaching & live-editing; you may also be given specific work for your own manuscript between classes.
  • Optional hosted co-writing time, where you’ll be able to work side-by-side with classmates and ask questions as needed.

If you’re a daily worker, about 1-2 hours/day. Binge workers, allow yourself two chunks of 3-4 hours. (Take breaks!)

At the end of Project Memoir, you should have a solid draft of your memoir, or a solid partial draft plus a framework to finish. You’ll know what will help sell your memoir and why, and how to bring your book into the world.

Craft Lessons are the “lecture” part of class. Each lesson teaches an element of structure, plot, story, scene or voice that you can immediately apply to your book.

Watch these short (10-20min) videos at your own pace. You’ll receive each week’s lessons in an email. You’ll also be able to access all previous lessons at a private webpage.

Craft Lessons are NOT prompts, warm-ups or freewriting. 

  • Weekly big-picture feedback on short assignments including a turning-point scene, your dramatic arc, synopsis, voice/world-building & ending scene
  • Personalized list of writing habits to address in your own work & strengthen your prose
  • Editorial feedback on 60 pages (submitted in 3 sets of 20 pages each), including comments throughout & a few pages of line editing
  • 3 sessions of live-editing per writer, up to 10 pages each time.
  • If you complete every assignment on deadline, you’ll get up to 110 pages of feedback.
  • Please note: While you’ll see your cohort’s work  & participate in feedback during Live-Editing, you will not be reading other writers’ pages outside class for feedback.

There’s power in specific, time-limited creative assignments.

  • Weekly Craft Lessons exercises are due Wednesdays by 12noon Eastern Time
  • Pages for Live-Editing are due 1 hour before class begins on Thursday
  • Pages for private feedback are due Sundays by 12noon Eastern Time.
  • You’ll get one “late pass” to turn in work up to 3 days late.
  • Between Weeks 4 & 5 is Catch-Up Week, with no class and no additional lessons. Use this week to spend time on any Craft Lessons you’ve skipped or exercises you want to apply to your manuscript. Hosted co-writing still happens.

Project Memoir is about treating your writing like it’s an important commitment worthy of your time & money…because it is.

While most of Allison’s events are open to all who sign up, Project Memoir will be a selected group. The eight writers will be at a similar stage in their writing journeys & a good fit for mutual support.

Absolutely! I can’t promise Project Memoir will run again, but if so, the group makeup will be different—& possibly a better fit for you! And if you’re working on a novel, CLICK to sign up to be the first to know about Project Novel.

  • Craft Lessons will be online videos accessed through any web browser.
  • Weekly classes & hosted co-writing time happen on Zoom.
  • Submit pages in Microsoft Word to see feedback in Track Changes.

Great! I’ll be familiar with your work. We’ll have some flexibility in assignments—for example, if I’ve already edited your synopsis, you might send in a short scene or your draft query instead.

Some of the lessons will repeat things you’ve learned from me before (at Memoir Bootcamp, Rebirth Your Book, a live event or a webinar) but now you’ll apply them to your whole manuscript.

Payments can be made by PayPal/credit card, Venmo, Zelle, direct deposit, Canadian Interac/eTransfer, or wire transfer.

Payments can be made as follows: a deposit of $950, due within one week of acceptance, and 3 payments of $950 due Jan 15, Feb 15 & Mar 15.


One payment of $3595 (single payment includes a $205 discount)

Allison is fully committed to this program & you should be, too! It’s too much time, focus & emotional investment for either one of us to bail out. If you withdraw by Jan 15th and we can fill your place from the waitlist, we’ll refund your payments after a $450 administrative fee. If we can’t fill your place from the waitlist, we’ll refund your payments above the $950 deposit. However, given the fragility of our pandemic world, we can discuss alternatives for extenuating circumstances.

Get ready to finish your book.

Seven weeks to a solid draft of your memoir,
OR a strong partial draft plus a framework to finish.
You’ll know what will help sell your memoir & WHY
...and how to bring your book into the world.