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Welcome. To my little piece of the internet. I Am

01. Introduction

The first thing you'll notice is that I wield Many pens. As an essayist, editor, coach, speaker, travel writer and playwright I'm constantly engaged in the world of creative writing. And as I have Two Young Adult novels nearing completion, I am not currently accepting new editing projects.

I specialize in creating emotional connections between my clients and their audience by adding personality to their brand.

You can find me at Hippocampus, Dubai Literary Salon and a host of other writing conferences. Rebirth Your Book 2019 is currently taking entries for our week-long adventure in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Allison Writes

Guerilla memoirist, essay writer
& journalist. I write about race,
culture and comedy.

Allison Edits

As The Unkind Editor, you get a tight
well-written, compelling manuscript.

Allison Speaks

A lively, informative speaker with great
stage presence and well-researched talks.

02. Collaboration

While I am not currently accepting editing projects, I'm always excited to hear about new ideas and collaborations.

In the last few years I have worked and collaborated with agencies such as Hippocamp, Dubai Literary Salon, Brevity, & many more.

The Rebirth Your Book retreats are one of my proudest achievements and I'm constantly seeking new and interesting locations to host future retreats.
If you know of great locations anywhere around the world conducive to inspirational writing. Feel free to get in touch via my sites or social media.

03. Selected Projects

Filter Project:
Project Rebirth Your Book 2019
Y-2019 May
Project Emirates Festival of Literature
Y-2019 Mar
Project A Moveable Brunch
Y-2019 Feb
Project Writing and Plotting with Scrivener
Y-2018 Dec
Project Get Published in Literary Magazines
Y-2018 Oct
Y-2018 Aug
Project Creating Memoir From Memory: Your Life as a Book
Y-2018 Jul
Project Rhiannon Navin - Only Child
Y-2018 Feb
Project Christopher Buehlman - Those Across The River
Y-2011 Sep

04. What I Do

Young Adult Writing.
Brevity Blog Writing.
Travel Essays Writing.
Proof Reading Editing.
Copy Editing Editing.
Developmental Editing Editing.
Rebirth Your Book Coaching.
One-On-One Coaching Coaching.
Long-Term Mentoring Coaching.
Keynote Speaker Speaking.
Classes & Salons Speaking.
Courses & Slideshows Speaking.

05. My Other Sites

You can find much more detail on any of my linked websites.
The Unkind Editor, Rebirth Your Book, I Do Words and The Brevity Blog
9 Published
6 Radio
37 Published
2 YA Novels
Under Query
90 Editing Clients
1 RebirthYourBook
Residence 2019

Allison helped guide me through the entire process of writing my book, from piecing together a first draft all the way to querying agents and learning about the publishing process...She helped me find confidence in myself and in my ability to accomplish what I had set out to do—tell this story that had me in its grip and that meant so much to me.. is by far the most professional and knowledgeable provider I worked with. I will hire her again :)

Rhiannon Navin, author of Only Child - New York, USA

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Your notes are always spot on—sometimes even things I thought of but didn't do. I really wouldn't be able to do this novel without you...have almost given up so many times. Including this morning! Onward!

Pamela Peterson, author of The Trip - Connecticut, USA

Allison has an impressive ability to see right into the heart of your writing and pinpoint exactly what's working and what isn't. That, combined with her immensely supportive energy, makes her an extraordinary writing coach and mentor. I promise she'll leave you better than she found you.

Alex Baia, humorist - Texas, USA

After six previous rejections, McSweeneys is taking the Haggadah!!!!! I’m beyond thrilled! It sounds cliche but I couldn’t have done this without your help over these last few months. Truly. Your impact on my writing has been “YUUUGE!”

Terry Heyman, essayist and comedy writer - Pennsylvania, USA

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06. Get in Touch

Reaching out and making connections with new and interesting people is what feeds creative non-fiction. If you'd like more information on anything you've seen (or not seen):

Thank you for the visit. "Asking questions is the first way to begin change."
- Kubra Sait

Have a great day!

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